Unleash Your Inner Goddess With The Aquarella Cruise 2013 Collection

Now that the wedding is over, it is time to unleash your inner goddess. Perfect for your honeymoon destination, the Aquarella Cruise 2013 collection, aptly entitled Acropolis, is inspired by the statuesque beauty, power and mystery of Greek Goddesses. This is a revelation of the purist essence of femininity and mix between sensuality, strength, beauty and boldness. The twelve lines created to honor the twelve Greek Goddess showcase structured bandeaus, triangle tops, halters and tops paired with various sexy bikini styled bottoms as well as sophisticated but daringly cut monokinis, and unique one-piece suits made of python, colored snakeskin prints, bright neon prints, flowered imprints, and a range of bright solids. Complementing the collection is a range of tunics and flowing beach dresses, essential for those late afternoon strolls with your hubby at the beach. The collection combines couture, with perfect fit featuring innovative styles embellished with chic accessories.