Love Potion #9® Premium Liqueur


Love Potion #9® Premium Liqueur - Everyday is a special occasion in someone's life, be it a birthday, engagement, wedding, or anniversary, but Valentine's Day is that most special day that's all about romance.

Thinking of a special gift to help celebrate the day? Try Love Potion #9® Love Potion #9® is a sweet, sugar cane-based, 60-proof premium spirit that's very complex, delightfully aromatic, and infinitely mixable. It's unpredictable and exciting blend of 20 exotic tropical fruit flavors, including mango, peach, chocolate, vanilla, pear, apple, cherry, almond and many others, brings out passion and romance. And for you wedding planners, consider the 50ml bottles for gift bags or incorporate the 375 or 750ml bottle into centerpieces. One Planner reports she instructs the Wait Staff to pour a little Love Potion #9® into every Champagne glass before the formal ceremonial toast, establishing a new, and very emotionally moving and symbolic, wedding tradition. For more info,