Get The Beauty Sleep You Need Before Your Big Day With Dream Water


A bride to be is full of jitters and may lose sleep worrying about the catering, flowers, the dress and making her future mother-in-law happy. Research proves that lack of sleep prevents you from losing unwanted pounds while also increasing appetite and encouraging binge eating. Additionally, research shows that insufficient sleep alters your hormones to actually mimic the signs of aging. As the wedding day gets closer, a bride wants to look rested and refreshed – Dream Water is the  perfect solution, offering brides a way to fall asleep, relax, and wake up refreshed. And, as the shots are 0 calories, Dream Water won't add any inches during the pre-wedding diet. Drinking Dream Water will allow a bride-to-be to sleep soundly, helping maintain  a youthful rested appearance, and maintain a healthy weight.

Dream Water ( is the first scientifically formulated, zero calorie, 2.5 oz shot with sleep-stat technology, natural, active ingredients and no preservatives that helps you relax and fall asleep.  Dream Water’s proprietary (natural) formula includes 3 proven ingredients to help you relax and fall asleep in a fast-acting liquid form: GABA (to help relax), Melatonin (to help induce sleep) and 5-HTP Tryptophan (to help improve the quality of sleep).