ROCKSTAR White For Your Rockstar Smile


Prepare for your beautiful smile on your wedding day with ROCKSTAR White for both brides and grooms. Posing for photos, kissing loved ones, greating guests, you can do it all with a memorable smile. In most cases, wedding expenses start long before the wedding and last long after and you never know when you will be hit with an unexpected one or two. Especially for brides, cutting costs for beauty is a hard decision to make but when it comes to teeth whitening its easy!  ROCKSTAR White offers at-home teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost of professional teeth whitening. At just $47.95 you can start on your bridal smile long before the big day with 27 teeth whitening treatments in just one kit, it will last long after the wedding for touch ups. Available in the "Be Kissable" kit in the  pink packaging and the "High Energey" kit in the black packaging, both the bride and groom can have a perfect wedding day smile for under $100!  Visit