Jewelry Celebrating "NotJustAnyOldDay"


Introducing the latest stylish accessory from the original calendar jewelry designer, NotJustAnyOldDay. The brand new NotJustAnyOldDay... It's your Special Day® Calendar Bracelet with Crown Calendar Charm and Swarovski Crystal, placed on the date of your choosing, is the only one of its kind and is a chic way to commemorate your special day. Whether it’s to honor a wedding day, anniversary, birthday, graduation day, or the birth of a child; this bracelet will let you celebrate and remember your special day all year long.

Jewelry from Not Just Any Old Day is handcrafted and made from the heart. The Not Just Any Old Day... It's your Special Day Calendar Bracelet is the newest addition to the brand’s signature Calendar "Datesake™" collection. Uniquely their design, the Calendar jewelry might just be one of the most sentimental and special pieces a woman may receive. The Calendar Bracelet incorporates the signature calendar “Datesake” charm into a hip, stylish accessory that is not only beautiful, but will be a main conversation piece for years to come.  Available at