Do You Need to Be a Tour Guide for Guests?

Do You Need to Be a Tour Guide for Guests?

Bride and Groom Country Wedding If you’re planning a Hawaii wedding, whether you are local or thinking of using the islands as a destination, you will almost certainly have guests visiting the state for the first time. Many brides find themselves wondering how much they have to offer guests in terms of other entertainment, in particular tourism. Your guests will want to explore all Hawaii has to offer. For many, visiting for your wedding will be a once in a lifetime experience. If they don’t know anyone else here, they will inevitably turn to you for advice about what to see and do.

The need to be a tour guide can be an extra stress for any bride. There are a few ways to minimize this stress, though:

• Create a “things to see and do” list for your guests that they can choose from on their own. • Arrange a guided tour as part of your wedding weekend. • Include a tourist guide book in guest welcome bags. • Ask the rest of the bridal party to help guests with their tourism questions. • Have your Hawaii wedding planner to plan special outings as part of your wedding weekend plans, such as brunch in a fantastic tourism-friendly location.

Having a Hawaii wedding is a great chance for your guests to see the beauty of the islands. However, you should remember that you’re a bride, not a tour guide.

To find out more about finding the right balance between keeping guests happy and staying focused on what is important for you, check out our latest issue of Hawaii Bride & Groom!

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