Hawaii Wedding Style is the go-to source for brides and grooms planning their special day. As Hawaii’s only complete wedding planning publication, the more than 130 pages provide the reader with elegant wedding gowns, stunning color palettes, exquisite floral arrangements, delectable catering options, alluring reception sites, and many more helpful and creative wedding planning tips, all with a Hawaii focus. Hawaii Wedding Style’s extensive distribution network includes local, mainland and international markets Hawaii Wedding Style is the only magazine that reaches both the local and the lucrative Destination Hawaii wedding market.

As the industry leader in readership and results, Hawaii Wedding Style has over 500,000 readers annually, who find the publication informative with accurate planning advice and recommendations for brides and top wedding professionals. Hawaii Wedding Style is distributed at over 350 newsstand locations and continues to outsell all other bridal magazines in Hawaii, including national publications. Additional copies are also distributed at jewelry stores, bridal salons, reception sites, and wedding service businesses.

Hawaii Wedding Style is also available online. The website links and listings generate an increasing national and international subscriber base. In addition, Hawaii Wedding Style advertisers receive a free website link under appropriate categories as part of the value-added advertising package. Hawaii Wedding Style’s website, www.hawaiibride.com is linked to HVCB (Hawaii Visitors Convention Bureau) and other service suppliers on-line.

The wedding industry is such a unique market, as the audience continuously changes. The bride and groom engage in Hawaii Wedding Style from the day they get engaged to the day they write their last thank you note, a period of about 3 to 18 months. The happy couple will then begin referring the outstanding vendors used to make their wedding happen to their friends. Because the market is constantly changing, it is absolutely vital for wedding businesses to remain relevant and have a strong presence in the wedding industry. This assures that a business establishes credibility in the minds of its targeted consumers.  Advertising in Hawaii Wedding Style is an excellent way to build credibility with our loyal readership base, as well as market your product or service directly to your target readership base. 

Skeptical of print advertising because of the wide use of the internet? Despite the ability for internet advertisements to reach a larger readership base, internet advertisements are not as effective as print advertisements in terms of its ability to target a specialized demographic readership base, such as those planning a wedding in Hawaii. Just because an individual comes across an internet advertisement, doesn’t mean he/she is interested in the product or service being advertised. However, an ad placed in a target-specific magazine, like Hawaii Wedding Style, is marketed directly to the target readership base; those planning a wedding in Hawaii.  

In addition, a reader who comes across an internet advertisement on a website that he/she is not familiar with, is less likely to trust the product or service being advertised.  Magazines, such as Hawaii Wedding Style, build loyal readership bases, who trust the publication and therefore feel that the products or services being advertised in the magazine are credible.  Further, a product or service advertised in a prestigious magazine, like Hawaii Wedding Style, becomes equated to the magazine’s reputation.

Magazines also offer companies the opportunity to advertise using high quality, glossy and colorful ads, appealing and attracting readers to their product or service. The ad space in magazines also provide for more intricate and alluring layouts, allowing for more creative freedom when designing eye catching layouts.  



Back Cover
9" x 10.5" (No Bleed) / 9.25" x 10.75" (Bleed)

Inside Cover Spread
18" x 10.5" (No Bleed) / 18.25" x 10.75" (Bleed)

Inside Front Cover
9" x 10.5" (No Bleed) / 9.25" x 10.75" (Bleed)

Inside Back Cover
9" x 10.5" (No Bleed) / 9.25" x 10.75" (Bleed)

2 Page Spread
18" x 10.5" (No Bleed) / 18.25" x 10.75" (Bleed)

Full Page
9" x 10.5" (No Bleed) / 9.25" x 10.75" (Bleed)

1/2 Page Horizontal
8" x 4.625" (No Bleed)

1/2 Page Vertical
4" x 9.5" (No Bleed)

1/4 Page
4" x 4.625" (No Bleed)

1/8 Page
4" x 2.1875" (No Bleed)

Florist Advetorial
2.5125" x 4.625"


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