They hiked for 4 miles to get to the point where Ali and Jake said their vows. Jake held both of Ali's hands as he vowed to love her for the rest of his life. She read her personally written vows from her phone, pausing as he wiped the tears rolling off her cheeks and brushed her hair behind her ears.

Ali started by saying, "You are the light in my darkness. A bright spark in the corners of my soul. You've brought a balance and magic to living that I only dreamed could exist. I promise to love you, with the same fire that you have put in my heart from this day until the end of days." 

After they exchanged vows, Ali pulled a speaker out of their backpack and started playing their song, Stormy Weather by Etta James. Jake took her hand and they walked out onto the ridge and began to slowly dance as the rain fell around them. The sun started to set and created a glow around them.

The trail was a little washed out and overgrown, so getting out to the ridge was more difficult than we anticipated. Getting back to the truck was even more challenging. Not many people can say they spent their wedding night lost in the forest in the pitch dark, and then to a brew-pub to celebrate having lived through it. 

Ali and Jake's love for adventure and their passionate love for each other is something special.