MAUI, ‘The Valley Isle,’ is one of the most popular. If you love golf, hiking, windsurfing, tennis, and water sports, you will not want to miss Maui. There are 2 mountain regions running through it which unfold to rolling hills, passing waterfalls, and valleys fertile with fields of sugar-cane. Legend says that Maui captured the Sun and secured the promise of long days for the enjoyment of the people and visitors of these islands. Today it is said the Sun resides in the beautiful mountains of Haleakala known as the ‘House of the Sun.’ Couples might opt to trek 10,000 feet up (by car or foot) to the peak to exchange their vows at sunrise or sunset. The Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens showcase gardens and dwellings representing the many cultures that make Hawaii so diverse. Your wedding ceremony can take place here at no charge!

Kobes Kobayashi