Adored By Jenna Lee & Joseph Esser


Adored By Jenna Lee & Joseph Esser

World-renowned top wedding photographers, Jenna Lee and Joseph Esser have teamed up for the first time to offer wedding photography as it's never been seen before.

Jenna Lee the daring, free-spirited, creative, who's known to do "anything to get the shot" including hiking into hot lava fields, and hanging off the sides of cliffs. A master in natural light photography and story-telling and a lover of people and laughter. Named in the top 2 Best Wedding Photographer in the World for 2016 by Wedaward.

Joseph Esser the innovative, master creative who in addition to his stellar wedding captures is known for his stunning underwater captures. A master of film photography, portraiture and dynamic captures. Passionate about weddings and family and an absolute favorite amongst the wedding industry.

Together their work is fire. Feeding off of eachother's creativity, magic is ALWAYS the result. "A masterpiece every time." Both loved by clients, whom always feel at ease in front of their lenses and instantly fall in love with their results. Offering a hybrid of digital and film, and combing finely curated photography, with stellar service, and top of the line products, Adored offers only the finest the wedding industry has to offer. 

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Oahu, Hawaii



Adored By Jenna Lee & Joseph Esser