Ready-To-Wear Designer Launches Bridal Collection With Built-In Waist Cincher

Wedding Day Dreams are Now a Cinch with the same artistry and precision that sustains his namesake line, Gilles Montezin introduces his first bridal collection. The brand has long captured the hearts of women and loyalty of luxury retailers and stylists across the country‚Äînamely Kleinfeld, Saks Fifth Avenue, Patricia Field, and Sarah Jessica Parker. With this bridal collection Montezin also introduces a dynamic waist slimming construction, ‘Le Cinch‚Ñ¢’. Having built countless bustiers and corsets as a costume designer at The Opera Bastille in Paris, Montezin has an unmatched eye for tailoring. With a strong emphasis on cut and shape came the discovery of new boning and bodice construction methods. Coined by the designer himself, ‘Le Cinch‚Ñ¢’ is an abbreviated interpretation of the traditional corset that nearly doubles its predecessor’s figure enhancing effects. The dresses are less confining and achieve the perfect hourglass silhouette with unprecedented comfort. The slenderizing effects of Le Cinch‚Ñ¢ offer a bride an instant reduction of two to four inches from the waistline. The collection is available in sizes up to 18W. Larger sizes are available via special order. Dresses range from $4,000 - $7,000 retail.

ABOUT GILLES MONTEZIN: For years Gilles Montezin has been constructing dreams with incomparable clarity and quality. His designs are embedded with knowledge imparted from the greatest minds in Parisian tailoring and the techniques of old-world couture. Montezin’s aesthetic has not ceased to entice clients with discriminating palettes‚Äîsatiated by luxury‚Äîsince the debut of his namesake collection in 2004 and his subsequent bridal premiere in 2009.

Gilles began his design career at Paris’s legendary L’ecole de la Haute Couture. It was there that Montezin was taught signature techniques held to the government-regulated standards of Parisian Haute Couture. After his training, Gilles went on to design era-sensitive costumes at The Opera Bastille where he worked, simultaneously, constructing couture and made-to-order garments under the direction of Paris’s most notable designers‚Äînamely Loris Azzaro and Christian Lacroix. After a long stint in Paris, Gilles Montezin moved to New York to establish his collection. Montezin developed a reputation for staying grounded in his roots in couture construction, and producing garments possessing quality unachievable by most of his contemporaries.

‘I’m not looking to make a ‚Äòstatement’,’ said Gilles. ‘Whether ready-to-wear or bridal I’m looking to make woman’s dreams reality; I’m looking to make women feel and look amazing!’ Montezin’s collection has been picked up by select department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenueand Kleinfeld, and has caught the eyes of stylists and celebrities across the world. Most recently his work was featured in ELLE Sweden,Women’s Wear Daily, and on Sarah Jessica Parker in the film Sex and the City.

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