D:Tox System From Giovanni Cosmetics

Purifying Products Give Back to National Breast Cancer Foundation   The D:tox line of products from Giovanni Cosmetics is an organic detoxifying regimen featuring charcoal and volcanic ash from the Mediterranean Sea in the volcanic arc of the Lipari Islands. These active ingredients delve into pores, absorbing the day’s toxins, impurities and excess oils that interfere with skin clarity.    Traditional detox methods have generally targeted the inner body, extracting toxins for a healthier, more energetic body. However, our skin is the first line of defense against life’s stressful encounters and Giovanni’s D:tox System intends to ease the brunt while also striving for healthy and energized skin.   Hand – harvested goji and acai, exotic super-antioxidants, nourish and rejuvenate, infusing skin with vitamins and minerals, re-establishing skin to its smoothest state. Skin will be soft to the touch and gently fragranced by essential oils of luscious fig and clean green tea.   The new D:tox System line includes four products that are designed for systematic usage, giving skin a pure, natural and invigorating detoxification. ·         Step one: Body Wash ·         Step two: Bar Soap ·         Step three: Body Scrub ·         Step four: Body Lotion   Always at the forefront of raising social awareness, Giovanni Cosmetics has pledged to donate a portion of its proceeds from the D:tox line to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.