Facial Magic

Planning the Big Day: from Drained to Dazzling. Facial Exercises from Facial Magic® Rejuvenate Bridal Beauty.

Your big day is approaching and the stress of planning a wedding can make any bride go a little crazy. Dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, stress acne- it all can take its toll. Skin Care experts recommend not trying any new products before the big day- but a bride needs a plan. Cynthia Rowland, founder of Facial Magic, has the solution to ease the strain of wedding planning. Her program, Facial Magic is a facial exercise system that rejuvenates and revitalizes the face, restoring that youthful, rested bridal beauty.

Brides may spend weeks dieting and exercising before the big day so why not exercise your face? This proven system is a combination of isometric exercises increases blood supply and oxygen to the face to create a healthy glow. Here’s how the magic happens: The 9 week initial program is a system of 18 different facial exercises which cover 15 areas of the face and neck. Each week there is a series of two exercises which are repeated for six days.

After the 9th week, simply maintain your new face by doing the exercises 2-3 times per week. Results can be seen almost instantly, and as your muscles become stronger, results LAST longer. It’s fast and easy. Daily exercises are completed in as little as 15 minutes so when you walk down the aisle, everyone will see a radiant, beautiful bride rather than a frazzled Bridezilla.

Facial Magic offers a variety of different starter kits which retail for $59.95-$259.90. For more info: www.facialmagic.com