Perfect Pampering Products for Bridal Parties or Guests

Brides looking for the perfect pampering products for their bridal party or wedding guests need to look no further than Essential Journeys™ ( Essential Journeys has delicious-smelling, luxurious soaps and soothing skincare that are hand-crafted in the mountains of North Carolina.  All of Essential Journeys’ fine lines of bath and body products are made with naturalingredients like aloe Vera, vitamin E and natural bees wax.

Brides can choose a unique Soap by the Slice™ to match their wedding theme. They can select colors, shapes and scent. Brides can opt for a heart-shaped slice, a round slice or a small or big square slice. A minimum order of 13 is required, and subsequent orders come in multiples of 13 (ex: 26, 39…).

Essential Journeys crafts its products with the most luscious blends of essential oils and fragrances, inspired by the founder’s world travels. To complete your gift set, Essential Journeys also offers Lotion for the Body™, Lube for the Lips™ and Salt for the Tub™. Essential Journeys™ products are available and ready to purchase online at