Why wait for results?  Why rely on topicals or plan on procedures?

Intraceuticals is thrilled to announce the launch of its premiere oxygen facial, inhalations and take-home care products at the Aulani Hawaii, a Disney Resort and Spa, Laniwai. Intraceuticals Infusions have become the premiere oxygen facial for a simple reason: they work. It is the only treatment in the world that delivers specially formulated serums that work deep within the skin via pressurized oxygen to transform each layer, inside out. With just one treatment, skin is visibly and undeniably younger and firmer.

Laniwai Spa will be offering the full range of treatments and take-home care products, whose results rival those of any procedure.  Intraceuticals treatments available include: Rejuvenate—promotes natural collagen and elastin production to improve skin texture and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  Opulence—a botanical brightener that helps reduce hyperpigmentation and lighten dark spots, scars and other imperfections for a refreshed, radiant appearance.  50 minutes. Clarity—helps rapidly resolve and prevent acne while delivering added anti-aging benefits. Atoxelene—an alternative to injections, it targets expression lines and wrinkles while re-firming and re-filling under the eye and contouring lips. Oxygen Inhalations—Oxygen therapy is said to be one of the most powerful and efficient methods of detoxifying the body and refreshing the spirit. Available in Bulgarian Rose Otto, Roman Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon Scented Tea Tree and Lavender Spike.

By delivering these proven skin-savers deeper into the dermal structure, the effects of Intraceuticals Infusion oxygen facial are supercharged, immediate and long-term: Stimulates cell renewal Strengthens collagen and elastin fibers Immediate and intensive hydration leaves skin fresh, radiant and with a visible, firmer lift Super-hydrating serums stimulate an osmotic response so skin gets steadily firmer, brighter, and refreshed within 24 hours following each treatment

The Intraceuticals Infusions cutting-edge technology sprung from extensive scientific research at leading universities in Australia . Used worldwide in medical offices to treat and visibly improve common skin problems such as acne, rosacea, premature aging and severely dry skin, Intraceuticals Infusion technology is used as an adjunct and catalyst of cosmetic lasers, surgical procedures and professional treatments such as micro-dermabrasion.

Intraceuticals Infusions and at-home care products are available only through the very best plastic surgeons, dermatologists, destination resorts and hotels, estheticians and medi-spas. Developed with leading Australian universities to address the most challenging skin conditions through breakthrough science, the treatments and products create immediate, dramatic effects and accumulative, long-term changes in skin.

Achieve ultimate relaxation through one of almost 150 Spa Therapies. From massages and skin care treatments, to unique “rain water” therapies and personalized programs, Laniwai Spa offers an array of refreshing therapies designed to help you truly unwind during your stay at Aulani.