Heels Above


Heels Above is the perfect solution for any bride choosing to walk down a grassy or sandy aisle. This helpful little shoe adornments are also helpful for guests who must navigate this tricky terrain...   Heels Above heals the age old hazards of wearing heals I mean the dirty part of it --- when you have no other choice but to step off civilized concrete onto rain soaked sod. Even that sounds elegant in a way, but when your gorgeous, exotic, skin clad heel drives itself deep into the moist earth not only do you look foolish attempting to negotiate the hazard but your exotic skin clad heel is now not-so-exotically soaked in yummy compost. Not a pleasant scene and a tragic end to your coveted footwear investment.   Heels Above has developed one of the great Ah Duh products of the year --- little feet for your heels that prevent you from sinking into grass or getting crossed up on hazardous, heel consuming surfaces. In basic terms, they are like cute little Ugg boots for your heels. No stiletto minded, pump loving woman on earth should be without a set of these in her purse.   This mind numbingly simple concept was born of necessity after inventor Nicole Grossman took ONE too many steps off-road in her Manolos. Mother-daughter duo Nicole & Susie have joined forces to create the ONE accessory that every woman has wished for since the dawn of the high heeled shoe.   Heels Above heel protectors stylishly protect and stabilize your high heeled shoes, keeping you above surfaces like grass, grates and cracks that can damage the heel of your shoe, slow you down, and ultimately ruin your day and your "best friends." Ideal for outdoor weddings, special events and everyday life, Heels Above heel protectors are discreet, recyclable plastic feet molded to easily slip over your shoe's heel. Available in black and clear and in two lengths, they are designed to fit almost any high heeled shoe and live in a purse friendly carry pouch. One set of Heels Above heel protectors retail for $11.99 and are available online at www.heelsabove.com.