1800 Tequila Groomsmen Gift



On any given mans wedding day, hes head over heels in love with the girl hes about to marry. But he also loves his best man and groomsmen.

What better way to show that love than with a little token of appreciation for all those times his friends had his back preventing fights and embarrassing hook-ups?

The 1800 Tequila Limited Edition Essential Artists Bottlesare is the perfect gift for your groomsmen. 9 bottles, each with its own individual edge.

Nine up and coming artists contributed their designs to create these limited-edition masterpieces. And with only 1,800 bottles of each design produced, its sure to be a gift your wedding party wont stop talking about. With this unique artistic medium, not only will your groomsmen cheers to the great taste, but theyll continue to celebrate your special day long after the last shot has been poured.

So when choosing your groomsmen gift, forget about the engraved cufflinks and remember that 1800 Tequila prides itself on quality and flavor. For $34.99 a bottle its the best way to show those special guys how much they mean to you. www.1800tequila.com