New Activity For The Bride And Bridal Party!


Toilet paper dresses are so passé, and really, what are you supposed to do with all that extra toilet paper? Don't fret, Harumika Bridal Sets have come to your rescue!

Harumika, traditionally a young girls fashion design activity, recently launched their Bridal Sets collection. A la Project Runway, bridal shower guests can now create their very own unique bridal and bridesmaid dress designs without having to stitch yards of TP together. Just wrap the fabric around the miniature mannequin dress form and lock it in place with the stylus tool to unveil a gorgeous wedding dress or bridesmaid dress! The finished designs can compete in the same runway fashion competition between invited guests and then can also double as a bridal shower party favor or even table centerpiece!

So simple, a child can do it... Take the design apprehension out of bridal showers by incorporating this easy, creative activity. Harumika's target audience is young budding fashionistas, and the bridal collection is just one of many fashion-forward sets Harumika offers young girls. Check out the complete collection and runway designs at