Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur



NUVO Sparkling Liqueur is a new, must-have spirit that is truly unique and essential for your wedding. It is made with premium vodka, French sparkling wine and infused with a hint of fruit. NUVO has a soft pink hue and comes housed in a gorgeous glass bottle that resembles a perfume bottle.

Not only does NUVO make a wonderful bride's maid gift, it can be served in a champagne flute as a celebratory spirit at your reception or rehearsal dinner, or it can be mixed up into many sexy cocktails for your bachelorette party. Esteemed Wedding Planner David Tutera, who has planned weddings for celebrities such as Star Jones and has a new show on WE called My Fair Wedding, suggests using NUVO at all of your wedding festivities to create signature cocktails and to add flare and decor. Celebrities who enjoy NUVO include Brooke Shields, Jamie Foxx, Gabrielle Union and Keisha Whitaker, wife of Forrest Whitaker.

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