Share Some Gingerbread Scented Love This Holiday Season Through Halekulani And Meals On Wheels

Share Some Gingerbread Scented Love This Holiday Season Through Halekulani And Meals On Wheels

Now, just for the holidays, Halekulani is offering a special ginger cookie, with a portion of the sale proceeds donated to Meals on Wheels. Through a special partnership, New Yorker Jennifer Crandall, has shared her family’s secret recipe for ginger cookies with Halekulani’s pastry chef. The hotel will replicate the unique cookies and sell them in the Halekulani Logo Boutique during the holiday month of December.

“We’re so pleased to present this special promotion,” says Halekulani General Manager Ulrich Krauer. “Ms. Crandall’s ginger cookies are popular and very exclusive, because she only makes them for her friends. The public will enjoy experiencing this taste of the holidays. We also think it’s important in this season of giving that we share with the less fortunate, by donating part of the sale proceeds to Meals on Wheels.”

“The recipe came from my husband's great aunt, May Martin, otherwise known as Mommie May. The stories about May have been told for as long as I have known my husband's family, close to 30 years. She cooked and baked like an angel with the most delicate touch to everything she made,” explains Crandall.

When "Mommie May" died, Crandall inherited the wooden box full of recipes, because the family knew she was an avid baker. When Crandall tried the ginger cookie recipe, she received enthusiastic feedback from friends who insisted she share the cookie with the world. “Jennifer's Gingers is my gift to everyone who longs for the simple pleasure of taking the time in this fast-paced world to enjoy the taste of this cookie, which is made with love,” says Crandall.

Bags of the cookies will be available at the Halekulani Logo Boutique from December 2 – 31. Each bag will have a true Baker’s Dozen (13 cookies) and sells for $18 + tax. Special bulk orders can be placed.