2016 Wedding of a Lifetime Finalist: Regina + Chase


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“When she (Regina Sagun) was with my biological father I thought love didn’t exist and everything came with a price, but now I know what love truly is, it’s sacrificing yourself for the other person so that they can be happy” says Krystal 17, Regina’s daughter as she sits next to her 15-year-old brother Mykah. The two siblings wrote the letter for Wedding of A Lifetime and then showed their mother, Regina and her fiancé Chase Corniel.

Although Chase is not their biological father, he is raising the two as he would his own children. He is a father figure in their lives and works tirelessly at three jobs to provide for the family. “He was our knight in shinning armor, our prince charming, all of that, he saved us and taught us it’s okay to love again,” says Regina.

A year ago, Chase and Regina were able to have a baby of their own named Ezra. However, Ezra was born with bilateral microtia which means that he was born with two under developed ears. Fortunately, Ezra’s inner ears work perfectly fine. For now, he wears a headband that allows him to hear like the average child.

Regina herself was born with unilateral microtia and wants her baby Ezra to have two hearing ears without a headband.

Unfortunately, the reconstruction of Ezra’s ears are considered an electable surgery, meaning it will not be covered by the insurance. Each ear will cost around 50,000 dollars and more for the implant inside the skull to forgo the headband he now wears.

“Ezra has been a blessing as soon as he was born, we love him to death, he was born without ears yes, but even more so we are here to support him and love him and we’d do anything for him,” says Chase, “it’s one of those things that we are going to help him as much as possible especially when he gets older and grows to becoming a man.”

They hope that by giving Ezra fully functional ears it will prevent bullying and possibly bring awareness for other people who suffer from bilateral or unilateral microtia.

Between Ezra’s surgery and Krystal quickly approaching college, the two parents are unable to afford a wedding which is why Krystal and Myakah decided to write the original letter for Wedding of a Lifetime. Regina says, “This is just something I want because the way I look at it this will be my first marriage because Chase is my first love.”

As desperately as Chase and Regina want a wedding to officially unify their family, right now, their children’s needs come first. With their hands interlocked and resting on Chase’s leg, Regina says, “as parents you just want to do anything possible and if it’s sacrificing things for ourselves then that, we will do.”

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