2016 Wedding of a Lifetime Finalist: Richard + Adrianna


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“I didn’t want this for someone else so I tried to push her away at first, but eventually she just never left and she just showed me that you know, even though you’re going through all of this, I want you to know I’m gonna be there to help you and support you” says Richard Kaaialii about his wife Adrianna. They eloped on October 29th, 2015.

Richard was diagnosed with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS) in 2012 after only a few months of dating Adriana. ASPS is a rare form of Sarcoma that has only been diagnosed in 76 people.

He went to Washington, D.C. to the National Institutes of Health for doctors to conduct research and hopefully find a cure. However, the Chemotherapy made the sarcoma worse and it spread from his thigh to his lungs, spine and skull. He now wears sunglasses at all times because a tumor is pushing down on his eye making him blind on the left side. The doctors could only suggest that he use alternative medicine to help prolong his life.

He is on a vitamin C treatment and a strict diet. These alternative treatments seem to be helping. He was diagnosed when he was 19 and told he would only live to be 21. He is turning 24 this year. The couple had to grow up fast after learning about Richard’s disease. “Well in the beginning it was kinda hard because we were both so young. It was all new for both of us, but over time I guess we got to know his cancer, we kinda worked around it, we kinda worked our everyday schedule into it because we slowly learned it is gonna be hard regardless of what we do” says Adrianna.

Last year the couple decided to have a baby named Hinahele. The name Hinahele is based off of the Hawaiian word for moon and she was born during a full moon on Father’s Day. “The whole pregnancy was the light for us actually,” says Adrianna “the pain was worth it for me.”

Richard and Adrianna’s wedding experience consisted of signing papers and a dinner. They entered the Wedding of a Lifetime contest to bring more light into their lives. They try to maintain that the cancer is a dark part of their lives, but there is so much more light in it. Richard says, “We still work, we still live our life, we still go to the beach, fish, surf and do what we gotta do all while sometimes our day will consist of seeing an oncologist, to getting treatment, MRI, to going to the beach. It’s a matter of trying to balance the darkness and the light and just keep more positivity in your life if anything.”

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