A Natural Look for your wedding day

A Natural Look for your wedding day

Wedding makeup for bridal fashion shootWedding makeup for bridal fashion shootWedding makeup for bridal fashion shootAloha, Everyone! Welcome to my new blog BRIDAL BEAUTY by Jeannette. Super excited to be here at Hawaii Bride & Groom! Keep an eye out for my tips for beauty inspiration, trends, styles, fashion, and everything related to BRIDAL BEAUTY.

“Gifts From The Sea” This week I’m featuring a look from October’s Hawaii Fashion Month featuring a gown from Bernard Foong, a Maui based wedding gown designer. Bernard’s vision and inspiration for the gown was the oceans of Hawaii and it’s gifts from the sea. My makeup and hair inspiration was to have my bride be an ethereal ocean goddess and herself a gift from the sea.


Natural Wedding Makeup For this look I wanted the skin and makeup to look natural and dewy. Sheer foundation was used with a light dusting of powder. I chose coral and peach tone eyeshadows to bring out our brides blue eyes. (Pink, coral, peach, & orange tones make blue eyes appear more blue) The shadows were blended in the crease and shaded under the eye for dimension. I added a soft vanilla frosted color from the top lash line to the crease and a little under the brow to add brightness. A dark slate liner was applied sparingly on the outer three quarters of the eyes slightly extended to frame and enlarge the eyes. I used one quarter strip of false lashes and added it to the outer edge of her natural lashes. It adds glamour but keeps it looking subtle and natural. I blended black mascara into the false and natural lash making them one. A frosted coral blush was blended across cheekbones, chin and tip of the nose. (Areas where the sun would naturally hit your face) I used a bronzer for contouring under cheekbones, temples, top of hairline, jawbone, under chin and neck to get the sun-kissed look. Soft coral lip gloss was applied to finish the look.

Wedding Hair Idea Bernard created a unique hood / veil to his wedding gown inspired by ocean waves and the spiral of a seashell. The hair was set in hot rollers for volume and lift. I had to do heavy back-combing to create density to hold the weight of the hood / veil. The back of the hair was set like a french twist. The front of the hair came through an opening in the hood / veil. The hair was set with hairspray to form a spiral shell and pinned in place to complete the look.

Thanks everyone ~ let me know what you think of the look! Please write in for questions or comments!!

Wedding Dress Designer: Bernard Foong Bridal Gown Designer Wedding Photographer: Eric Rhodes MUSE Bride Wedding Make Up & Hair: Jeannette Rhodes MUSE Bride Model: Jocelyn from Niche Models & Talent Location:Maleana Gardens, Oahu