The Silly Lips Girls Want To Be A Part of Your Party

The Silly Lips Girls Want To Be A Part of Your Party

From the décor to the dress to the food, every bride wants her friends to remember and admire all the fabulous details of her wedding, bridal shower and bachelorette.  Now there’s an exciting product, Silly Lips, that is perfect for bridesmaids, and of course the bride, on for all these special days.

Silly Lips natural lip balm is made to highlight the unique qualities of every girl. Leila Larsen, the founder and president of Silly Lips, created these luxurious and sexy lip balms to hydrate thirsty lips and add a beautiful aroma and shine to your favorite lipstick. Larsen formed three flavors based on her best girlfriends fun personalities: Bangin’ Bekah, Kinky Katie and Tasty Tracy.

Getting married is a time to share with your loved one, but it is also an excuse to live it up with your closest girlfriends.  Here are some ways to include the Silly Lips trio in the celebration:

Bachelorette Party The fun packaging and flirtatious names go perfectly with the sexy theme of bachelorette parties. Giving Silly Lips as a gift is a great way to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids. They will love the fun, sleek tin container, but not as much as they’ll love the silky consistency and perfect amount of shine and pink hue. Deciding whether each of your friends is a Tasty Tracy, Kinky Katie or Bangin’ Bekah will add excitement to the night. Brides can even make it into a party game where everyone decides which character they are most like. Trying on each of the three allows your friends to see which colors and flavors flatter of them best!

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! Many brides like coming up with creative ways to show their friends they’ve been chosen to be in the wedding party. Some decorate special gift bags or boxes for their bridesmaids with goodies. Silly Lips makes perfectly kissable bridesmaids gift. It is something the girls can use to spruce up their beauty routine for all of the main events: the rehearsal dinner, dress shopping, the bachelorette party and the big wedding day! Silly Lips can also be given to the girls who don’t catch the bouquet, placed in hotel goody bags and given to your friends who are sure to hook up at the wedding.