Reverend James Chun



Reverend James Chun was ordained as a Hawaii wedding officiant after being involved with weddings for over a decade.  Honolulu is home to James now as he left his birthplace, China, when he was just 5 years of age.  James remembers feeling a sense of pride in becoming an American even at that young age, as he established his new life in Hawaii.  "Hawaii has given me a home, friends and my beautiful wife and children", says James.  Today, James resides in Honolulu along with his wife, two girls and doggie, Chewie.

Before becoming a Hawaii wedding officiant, James owned and operated three medical clinics.  After a decade of caring for patients, James was bit by the creative bug from his lifelong friend, who works in Hollywood.  Instantly, James was introduced to the world of film.  After some training, James then started a video production company that still operates today.


Pearl City, Hawaii
United States